TechDrive Middle East

TechDriveME s.a.r.l. is a Consultancy & Technology agency which offers a proactive advisory approach to Business & Information Technology services.

We provide consultation and technical support to Operations, PMO, & IT departments of various industries.

Our Mission

We aim to empower & establish partnership with our customers in order to take their industry to the next level of innovation, cost effectiveness, and ultimately achieve an optimal ROI.

Featured Products
We help you in Structuring the Organization & Improving the Business Processes.

1- Business Processes Identification & Improvement

2- HR, Sales, Projects, Accounting and other E-Forms

3- Roles, Responsibilities, & Status Reporting

We help you Select the best Vendor to execute the project based on Specs & Cost.

1- RFP Preparation

2- Vendor Selection

3- Vendor Delivery Quality Audit

We help you Identify the optimal Enterprise applications which suit the needs, budget, & maximize ROI.

1- Strategic IT Project Porfolio Planning & Optimization

2- IT Project Portfolio Prioritization & Selection

3- IT Project Portfolio Management & Monitoring

We help you Prepare the Project Business Case, Scope, Budget, RFP, other project documents.

1- Business Case Development

2- IT Project Planning Documents Preparation

3- IT Project Techninical Specificiation & Design Documents

We help you Identify the Key Performance Indicators "KPI"s & Monitor the performance.

1- Executive KPI Dashboards

2- Performance Monitoring of Employees & Departments

3- Performance Monitoring of Projects & Products

We help you Implement the latest technology solutions, gadgets, & add-ons.

1- Intranet/Internet Portal Solutions

2- Desktop/Web-enabled Software Applications

3- Web/Native Mobile Applications

4- Social Media Integration Tools

We help you Automate the business processes & workflows.

1- BPA Workflows

2- BPA E-Forms

3- BPA Integrations

We help you Integrate various Enterprise applications to facilitate data handling.

1- Applications Handshake Services & Engines

2- Applications Asyncronous Integration Tools

We help you Synchronize & Replicate various databases to guarantee optimal data management.

1- Data Syncronization Services

2- Data Backup & Replication Services

3- Data Analysis & Publishing

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